Dominican Wedding Customs

Dominican wedding practices are a great deal different from American marriage ceremony traditions. Due to the fact they are very rooted in tropical tropical isle tradition. They also have superstitions which make them exclusive.

Several of the most common domonican wedding practices include:

— A small wedding party is typical. You will find no bridesmaids or a long retraite, instead a small number of of kids, usually from your groom’s family members, serve as the flower lady, ring bearer and gold coin bearer.

A set of godparents, the padrino and madrina, is another component of any Dominican wedding tradition. These are generally normally the mother and father of this groom, nevertheless they may be any older relatives the fact that couple is close with.

After the marriage ceremony, the guests keep the church and go to the reception location. They will congratulate the bride and groom by throwing rice or perhaps flowers at them as they leave. This is not traditional in most wedding ceremony cultures, but it creates a fun method to celebrate the brand new couple.

During the reception, guests can also enjoy drinks like refrescos or rum-based drinks. They can also eat delicious foodstuff and share laughters with their new good friends.

They may also participate in a merengue dance, which is the state circulation of Dominican culture. The lyrics to these songs of this dance in many cases are sung by the bride and groom, but it surely is usually very traditional for friends to sing along.

During the wedding, the bride and groom exchange thirteen magic coins on a silver precious metal tray. That is symbolic of their pledge to talk about their possessions and still provide for one another’s demands.